Born into a Romany family in 1942, my first thoughts were maybe I was a little different from other children of my age. It was the somewhat strange Romany words I had to learn - two languages! Also we were taught not to teach the giorgio children our ways and customs. Being a Romany child you had to work for the family. You were part of a wider circle, all helping the family group.


I was educated at North Walsham Manor Road school and, from an early age, was always interested in writing. I remember once I wrote an essay at school. The form teacher liked it and submitted it for a prize poem competition that was held every year. My ‘poem’ was called On The Road To Norwich. It won the poem prize for that year and was published in a national poetry book. I reckon my teacher thought he had stumbled upon the next John Clare! Either ways, my reputation for being one of the rough kids took a bit of a knock because of that!


A bit about Mike

Marshgate Lodge, Spa Common, North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 9LG