The Romany language first appeared in Northern India and is sometimes called Romanes or Romani, which is the language of the European gypsy. It took about five hundred year to reach the shores of Britain as a Romany language. Romany is a spoken language so you will often find multiple spellings of the same word (and also slight regional variations) - so my apologies to any Romany scholars who might take issue with my choices. I’m just spelling them in the way that they sounded when I used to hear them as a boy.


Here is my personal translation of The Lord’s Prayer - you will see that there are certain words that just have to be written in English as they either don’t exist in Romany or were just never part of my vocabulary.


Amaro Dadras

Savo jives dret o tem oprey

Be sherrafo tiro nav

Avel tiro

Be kaired tiro buti

Oprey o poov sar drey o tem oprey

Del mande’s to-divvus amaro divvesko morro

To fordel mande mande’s pizarripens

Sar mande fordel wafor mushes

Lengues pizarripens

To ma sik mande o drom te temptation

But lel mande apri fon wafodu pen

For tiro se o tem, o ruslippen ta o corami

Cana to ever-komi, so covar ajaw


The Romany Language

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